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Graphic Wheels
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'You'll never walk alone' by two create 'Blooms' by two create 'Microcosmic' by Olivia Lee 'Oktasilan' by Dextro 'Outer Space' by François Chalet 'Plug me in' by New Future Graphic
Graphic Wheels

Graphic wheels for Sensory Lights Projector to be bought separately.

Graphic Wheels for Sensory Lights Projector

Graphic Wheels to be bought separately can be used in any Sensory Lights Projector. They create a rotating graphic image of up to 4m / 13ft in diameter on a wall or ceiling. There are currently 6 graphic wheels to choose from. Each graphic wheel pack contains 1 acid etched wheel and 4 colour slides which can be used to add colour to the projection.

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