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The Classic 1963 Lava Lamp
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The Classic 1963 Lava Lamp

Ideal for relaxation and reminiscence. 

Astro: Perfect for Calming, Relaxation and Reminiscence

The first lava lamp design in the original copper finish by the inventors of lava lamps, Mathmos.  A 1960s icon which is remains as popular today. Still hand made in Britain the Astro is perfect for both reminiscence work and as a sensory mood light for relaxation.  The astro is a premium quality lava lamp, replacement parts are available, including the long lasting 35W halogen bulb.

Mathmos Astro Copper Lava lamp - yellow with Orange Lava Mathmos Astro Copper Lava lamp - yellow with blue Lava Mathmos Astro Copper Lava lamp - Violet with red Lava Mathmos Astro Copper Lava lamp - Violet with Orange Lava Mathmos Astro Copper Lava lamp - red with Pink Lava Mathmos Astro Copper Lava lamp - blue with green Lava Mathmos Astro Copper Lava lamp - blue with blue Lava Mathmos Astro Copper Lava lamp - blue with turquoise Lava Mathmos Astro Copper Lava lamp - blue with black Lava Mathmos Astro Copper Lava lamp - blue with pink Lava

Reminisence Work

The original design from the 60s in the original copper finish makes the Astro perfect for reminisence work.


Soft Light

The soft glow can help with gently waking or encouraging sleep.


Focal Point for Eye Tracking

Watching the slow chaotic movement of the lava provides a focal point for visual tracking work.


Made in Britain

Mathmos makes the astro lava lamp in Britain; our lamps are made to the very highest quality and safety standards.


Spare parts

Replacement parts including bottles and long lasting halogen bulbs are a available for astro lava lamps.


Gold Star Service

Sensory Lights by Mathmos is a Gold Star Trusted Merchant online; visit Feefoo to see reviews of our products and service.


Unique Lava Formula

Sensory Lights by Mathmos have a unique lava lamp formula. It has brighter, clearer liquids, lasts longer than other lava lamps.


Highest Quality

The highest grade aluminium is spun by hand in Britian. Long lasting halogen bulbs made specifically for use with the astro directs light and heat into the lava and away from the base.


Stylish Packaging

Well designed packaging ensures your lamp arrives in perfect condition and is appreciated from the moment it is seen.

Weight: 2.95kg
Product size: height 430mm
Power: Mains power
Materials: Hand spun aluminium base and copper anodised finish. Glass bottle. Mathmos lava formula.

Light:35W Halogen reflector bulb - GU10 240V
This bulb is primarily used as a heat source.
For Mathmos lava lamps only. Not for household room illumination.
Colour temp: 2700K
Flood angle: 36°
Lumens: 173lm
Kw/h: 35

Mathmos astro lava lamp children advice


Lava lamps are not toys. Please position them well out of reach of children under 14 years old.

Mathmos lava lamp instructions


Chose a position for your lamp on a level surface in a room with a temperature between 20 and 24°C or (69 to 75°F).

Place the lamp well away from;

  • children under 14 years – to prevent breakage
  • sunlight to prevent fading
  • drafts to prevent slow operation
  • cold places to prevent freezing
  • hot places to prevent overheating
  • animals to prevent breakage
  • do not place on carpets or block the ventilation spaces beneath the lamp.

Set Up & Warm Up

Put the bottle on the base with the screw cap at the top. If it is not sitting straight please rotate a little. Then plug it in and turn it on. NB. It is normal for the glass to have small air bubbles and moulding scars.

Warm up takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on the size of the model and the surrounding temperature. Stalagmite shapes may form during the warm up process, these will then melt and the lava will begin to flow.


Your Mathmos lava lamp will operate best after it has been used four or five times. For the first few times you may see small air bubbles in the lava. Please do not leave your lava lamp on for more than six hours a day; this will prolong the life of your lamp.

Overheating will shorten the light of the life of the lamp. Overheating is occurring if there is either one large bubble or many smaller ones. Never move or shake the lamp when it is in use or still warm as this causes irreparable clouding. It is normal for the base to become very hot.


When your lava lamp has ended its life it will begin to go cloudy, the colours may fade and it will not move as well as it once did. This will happen after approximately 2000 hours of operation. You can then buy a new bottle at in the current colours available. Please note we do not refill bottles and please on no account open the bottle or add liquids.

If the bulb blows please replace it with one of the same type and wattage. Only fit the correct bulb, as stated on the label in the base. Again bulbs can be bought at as can many replacement parts.


This lamp has passed the relevant safety standards and carries the statutory guarantee of the country of purchase. The liquid in the lamps are not dangerous and can be disposed of normally. Never use a lamp if the bottle has been dropped as this will create weakness in the glass, obtain a replacement bottle and dispose of the old one. Do not leave the lamp unattended with small children. If the liquid is swallowed by mistake drink plenty of water. If it is spilt onto the skin or had contact with the eyes pour on cold water. If any symptoms appear please visit a doctor.

Please retain these instructions should be retained for future use. If you have further questions about your lava lamp please visit

“Thank you to Mathmos for supporting Maggie’s. The ambience of our centres is crucial in welcoming and inspiring visitors who are living with a cancer diagnosis. We rely completely on the support of creative companies such as Mathmos to ensure we can bring the right support to people living with cancer across the UK now.” - Marie McQuade of Maggie’s Centres.

“Mathmos allows all children including those with diagnosed or emerging disabilities the chance focus on moving scenes encouraging hand eye co-ordination, social, emotional and language development; whilst in a haven of tranquillity. Allowing time for them to bond with parents/carers relaxing and watching the soothing moving colours. It offers a comforting environment for all. ” - Eve Dewson, Swansea

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Click here to view and download 'Astro Declaration of Conformity' (pdf).

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